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Our pricing is set up to be as fair as our service is excellent!

Our pricing structure is in place to provide you with the best value possible on any given day. We do charge an hourly rate for our services. This price varies depending on the size of the vehicle you are contracting, which day of the week you have reserved your run for (Fridays/Saturdays are the most expensive), which season your reservation is during (certain holidays and times of the year drive up demand, costs, and thereby pricing), and the final factor would be the mileage your trip is planning on traveling.

It is always best to book early, especially if cost is a main factor for your group.

The single best favor you can do for you and your group is to plan early, and allow for variances in which days you are willing to go with us. To insure you maximize your value, you'll want to have as much information for us as far as your options are concerned. If you're able to go on say, a Thursday instead of a Friday or Saturday; you'll find yourself saving a good amount of money without losing any of the great service we provide. Another benefit in this, is that you'll likely have a better selection of available vehicles to choose from. By being proactive, you'll also minimize your risk of not finding the right vehicle, or the worst case scenario of not finding one at all!

In all cases, should you have any questions for us, call or email as soon as convenient! We are always pleased to be of help.

Saving money is great, saving time is divine!

We can't stress enough, the importance of booking early! Once all of your trip's details have been solidified, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time by having the following information ready when you call or email:

  • Which date you're interested in renting one of our vehicles
  • Where you'd like to be picked up, and where your itinerary for the trip will take us
  • The amount of passengers you'll have along for the ride

Quick reference to these vital pieces of information will allow us to expedite the booking process for you. If you have this information ahead of time, you'll run no risk of needing to call back, and thus losing out on the possible vehicle of your choice.

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